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Our estate planning attorneys help families with their individual testamentary needs

Do not force your family to struggle with your death, planning save real time and money for all and insures your wishes are followed through with. Wills, trusts, health care directives, and powers of attorneys are all tools to protect your intent.

Wills: Name the person who will manage your estate when you are dead, and allows them to pay your bills, assemble and organize your assets, and distribute your assets to your heirs according to your wishes. It can include trusts to manage wealth, plan for younger benificiaries, and plan for taxes.

Health Care Directives: Allow you to decide whether you want extraordinary life saving measures taken if you are in a terminal or near-death condition.

Financial Directives: Allow you to name a person to manage your financial affairs such as paying bills, making bank deposits, and preparing income tax returns if you are disabled.

Medical Directives: Allow you to name a person who can speak to your health care providers on your behalf when you are disabled. Powers of Attorney are effective only while you are alive. When you die your Powers of Attorney become invalid and your Last Will and Testament is the document which controls the handling of your estate.

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