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Below are results that I have obtained for past clients:

Auto Collision

  • Client was on her way home from work when her vehicle was T-boned by a car that ran a red light. The collision caused her to have a knee replacement. Case settled for $350,000.
  • Client’s vehicle was rear-ended at high speed. Trauma from the collision resulted in total hip replacement surgery. Case settled for $300,000.
  • Clients were rear-ended at high speed on the highway. One client was pregnant at the time and the other, her husband, suffered a serious foot injury that required surgery. Cases settled for $100,000 and $300,000, respectively. 
  • Client’s vehicle was T-boned when another car made a right turn against its light. Client suffered a torn rotator cuff. Case settled for $100,000.


Auto Collision (De Novo Trial)

Client suffered soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back in a rear-end collision. He had suffered similar neck and back injuries less than a year before the collision. The insurance company refused to pay for his medical bills for treatment he received as a result of the collision nor for his “pain and suffering”. Suit was filed and the case was taken to arbitration. The insurance company appealed the arbitration award and the case was tried in Superior Court. The jury awarded the client $20,000 plus attorney fees. 

Auto Collision (Arbitration)

Client was rear-ended on the highway. After dealing with at-fault driver’s insurance, she was offered $2,000 to settle. Before accepting, she talked to a friend who referred her to my office. We filed a suit and it was taken to arbitration. Arbitration award was $40,000.

Premises Liability

A 5-year-old boy was severely injured when he fell from stairs near his third-floor apartment. He suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that led to seizures and speech delay. We represented the boy and his family and discovered that the guardrails on the apartment’s staircase were not up to code. Case settled for $1,000,000.

Premises Liability/Defective Design

Client was a tenant at an apartment complex. The design of the elevator in her building required patrons to stand on a ramp and open or close a retractable spring door (with a sharp edge) while waiting for the elevator doors to open or close. While my client was loading boxes from her apartment into her car, the sharp edge of the spring door closed on the back of her ankle causing it to slice her Achilles tendon. Case settled for $65,000.

Sexual Abuse

  • Client was sexually molested while in middle school, which was 10 years before suit was filed. Case settled for $350,000.
  • Client was in summer school with a group of troubled students. She was being sexually harassed by another student and informed her teacher. She also requested that either she or they be moved to a different class but to no avail. Later in the summer, my client was raped by the student about whom she had complained. Case settled for $500,000.