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About Me

Fighting for You

Early in my career, I briefly worked at a well-known insurance defense firm in Seattle where I learned the common strategies and tactics used by defense attorneys to weaken plaintiffs’ cases. Because I fundamentally disagreed with the methods used to reduce the value of a plaintiff’s case and recognized it was an unfair battle, I realized I’m a plaintiff’s attorney at heart and is why I have been fighting for victims’ rights for more than 10 years.


I Help You Get Back to What You Love

I have represented plaintiffs exclusively since 2008, advocating for those who have been wronged or injured by negligence of another party, working tirelessly to recover damages, and achieve fairness and access to justice for my clients. I take the burden off the victim and their family and protect what is important to them.

Since 2010

A Seattle native, I attended elementary school, high school, college and law school in Seattle. Prior to practicing law, I worked for two well-established startups before I shifted gears and moved to the San Francisco Bay area to work in the nonprofit sector where I developed my passion for helping others. This led me to return to the Puget Sound area to become a lawyer. I worked for an experienced personal injury attorney before launching my own firm in 2010.

When someone has been harmed or injured, I take their case on personally as if it were one of my own family members, guiding them through one of the most traumatic moments in their life.

Damisi Velasquez

Access to a Network of Resources

When a case requires it, we collaborate with attorneys in our extended network to ensure we have all your bases covered. Our partners include attorneys with extensive backgrounds in criminal and personal injury law. We can also connect you with other resources you may need to help you recover.